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In January of 2004, Rahul Mahajan began Empire Notes, a blog that focuses on domestic and foreign politics. Following a prolific initial blogging spree, he slowed to doing a weekly commentary that has continued for nearly six years. Even though the occupation of Iraq remained the hottest issue and the primary focus was foreign policy, Mahajan also commented on domestic politics. His blogging was put on hold in February of 2010 but was restarted in the next year.

Intending to have a broader range of subject matter for the newly rejuvenated blog, Rahul Mahajan strives to make his posts lengthier and more insightful, compared to previous work. His commentaries are constructed in such a way that a four-minute radio piece could be adapted from them. Additionally, Mahajan plans to blend in social science more overtly than he did previously.

A lot of his earlier material is on the blog, but Mahajan is gradually posting it on the WordPress database. For now, his previous material is available at an archived site.

Remarks are moderated to prevent spamming of the pages, and Mahajan appreciates lively discussion regarding his writing - especially when they are well thought out and logical. He continues to encourage the intermittent reflective, polite, although not necessarily well-mannered, dialogue on Empire Notes.